Compare chargers Nitecore i4 and NEW i4

Nitecore NEW i4 - a comparison with Charger i4

Nitecore, offering us exceptional quality products exist on the market for a long time. This allows American companies like to produce new products and regularly update its high-tech products. The changes occur not only in any one direction, and once all. For example, if you look at the chargers from Nitecore NEW I4 and the I4, we can see and fix appreciable difference between the two models.


New interface

NEW I4 offers a more user-friendly and intuitive approach to the user. Slightly redesigned interface is expressed in a more detailed description of the LEDs. Located near the symbols on the body of the updated model, they show the charge level of detail. In addition, for each channel, there is a separate red LED, which recognizes the work of a particular slot in "fast mode".



The design of the slots

Larger space Nitecore NEW I4 slot helps to insert and remove the batteries from the charger without the "pressure". The new location of the contacts allows more convenient to charge the batteries of various sizes up to type D, 26650 li-ion. This is achieved by the fact that the ultra-thin, but strong metal strips "plus" in the NEW I4 - now more elongated, interconnected and pushed slightly forward.



Cooling system

The NEW I4 uses a new cooling system, which is compared with the previous one, has a large surface area. The systematic ribbed configuration of the heat-diverting elements dissipates 2 times more heat than the previous generation. Therefore, an important detail such as maintaining the operating temperature at higher loads, NEW I4 achieved without increasing the overall dimensions.


Advanced Management NEW I4

- by pressing the button "C" select a particular slot, which has been set for the battery charging
- Holding sandwiched button "C" for more than 2 seconds, turns on or off the "fast mode", in which the charge current is increased to 1.5A
- «V» button switches the applied voltage required for charging, allowing feeding 3,7V or 4,2V or 4,5V
- after simultaneously pressing the "C" + "the V" Charger mode includes "restoration fully discharged IMR-battery"


Technical issues

Mode "Quick Charge", which is in Nitecore NEW I4, allows you to charge the battery length is equal to or greater than 65 millimeters. In this case the battery power should not be less than 1200mAh, for example, in sizes 18650 or 26650. This suggests that the new Charger is much more powerful than the previous one, and works with high current charging better than small.

The specific use

When charging the battery 4,35V on the charger automatically reduces the supply voltage to 4,2V, so when charging these batteries in Nitecore NEW I4 need to manually select the charging settings. This is because NEW I4 calculates the parameters supplied to the terminal based on the most secure mode which is available to the user.



Selection and Maintenance

Choosing which of these chargers from Nitecore better, can not give an exact answer. I4 works simply, but her performance below. NEW I4 can recover modern IMR-rechargeable batteries, but you can not charge the battery capacity of less than 1200 mAh. Therefore, for the proper application and achievement of the expected results, refer to the use of, or authorized distributor.

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