Match practice shooting guns «Keep calm and go Shooting», with the support of Ukraine Nitecore

3 September in Dnepropetrovsk with the support of "Nitecore Ukraine" held a match for practical shooting a gun «Keep calm and go Shooting», organized by the CCK "Practice" and SSC "Dnepr" on the rules of the Federation of practical shooting of Ukraine and the IPSC.

10 interesting and quite technically difficult to perform the exercises have been built in this competition organizers. The match was attended by a lot of professional shooters with extensive experience and numerous awards, so everything was interesting to see the competition that developed between the participants of the match.

The company Nitecore Ukraine wants to thank all the participants of the match, and to congratulate the winners again!

The winners:

OPEN class:

  • Vasin Vitalii
  • Shymchenko Aleksandr
  • Zagurnyi Igor


  • Portianko Pavlo
  • Pushkarov Olexiy
  • Tsyganok Iaroslav 


  • Kuzmin Denis
  • Streltsov Sergey
  • Pedchenko Vitalii




Photos from the event

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