New. Explosion-proof headlamp Nitecore EH1

Nitecore EH1 is a multifunctional explosion-proof headlamp high class, which is accredited on the Shanghai electric Explosionproof for use in the Coal Industry. Marking: Ex ib IIB T5 Gb.

Designed for high risk industries:

• mines and Mines;

• sewers, tunnels, subways;

• emergency, fire, rescue and emergency repair teams;

• Armed forces;

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry;

• Tankers, oil tankers, offshore platforms;

• Locations subject to explosions and fires.

Shanghai Inspection on Electro-Vzravobezopasna in the Coal Industry is a branch of the National Shanghai Inspection Center for Monitoring production of Equipment for Mines, the creation of which was authorized by the State Administration on work Safety / State Administration of Coal mine Safety.

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