New. Protected charger Nitecore F1 - charging and gives the battery


F1 (FlexBank) is the latest Nitecore charger that can be used as Power Bank Hiking, hunting or fishing, with an exceptional compact size and incredible strength. The use of different lithium-ion batteries as energy source.

Your night power.

Save solar energy from your solar panels in a variety of lithium-ion batteries with F1. It's easy to do that will ensure reliable power supply during the night.

Intelligent stable output voltage.

While in the daytime the sun can be intermittent, the solar energy stored in batteries with F1 is the uninterruptible power supply. We all know that unstable voltage can damage the device while charging. However, with the F1 you this will not happen, because she has the intellectual output stable voltage for safe power, with an optimal conversion rate up to 90%.

Ultimate strength, extreme lightweight.

F1 built from ultra strong, extremely lightweight material - polycarbonate. Weight 1.06 oz (30 g), F1, is durable thanks to its structural engineering with optimized flexibility. You can count on F1 in your most tough and challenging expedition.


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