New. Universal Charger Nitecore NEW i4

New. Universal Charger Nitecore NEW i4

1. 100% increased charge rate

NEW i4 is able to 1500mA output to one of the four charging channels, an increase of 100% compared with the i4, effectively reducing the duration of the charging process.

2. The active current sharing technology

DCA technology allows to dynamically distribute the current between the various channels. The output current will be automatically redirected to the next channel when any of the battery will be charged.

3. Expanded compatibility support 3.75V and 4.35V battery

NEW i4 supports batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.2V, 3.7V, and 4,35V ,, providing full compatibility with cylindrical batteries. Set voltage with "V" button for each individual channel.

4. Restore IMR batteries

Hold the button "C" and "V" to initiate the recovery process of the battery, it is designed to restore depleted IMR batteries, even when the voltage is 0V.

5. Automatic selection based on the current battery capacity

NEW i4 automatically determines the optimal current for charging any compatible battery installation. The charging current can be set manually at 1500mA, pressing the "C" with a large capacity battery charging, such as 18650 or 26650. 10440 and 16340, or the like, will be treated as low-power and battery will be charged in 500mA current automatically.

6. Automatic detection of non-rechargeable batteries

NEW i4 can not distinguish between batteries rechargeable, four LED indicators will be lit when the batteries are placed in the charging channel, the charging process will be stopped.

In addition, charger NEW i4 comes with significantly improved heat dissipation. Built-in LCD-display shows the battery charge level. On / off of the red LED indicates the switching between normal and fast charging.

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