New. Updated rechargeable lantern - Nitecore MH25GT.

New. MH25GT is a new updated model lantern MH25 Multi-hybrid series and Nitecore GT class.

Designed with an intuitive user interface, it provides fast switching between Turbo and user defined mode, a simple turn of the head. With a very necessary function of memory, users can adjust the settings based on individual preferences, which makes MH25GT ideal lantern for most situations.

MH25GT uses LED CREE XP-L HI V3, increased brightness up to 1000 lumens and a beam intensity increased by 13% (51100cd) range, 45% more and is 452 meters. MH25GT offers high power and excellent beam distance.

lithium-ion battery 18650 18650 large capacity (3400mAh), supplied. The lantern is also compatible with two CR123 lithium batteries.

Built-in micro USB charging port can charge safely and quickly. Thanks to the USB port, you will be able to carry out charging in a car using an adapter at home or in the office at work.

To improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, we used termoelektrichuyu separation technology on a copper substrate. This technology minimizes the structural thermal resistance and provides a fast internal heat dissipation. This optimizes stability MH25GT light beam, and significantly prolongs the life of the LED.

When used with different types of accessories such as tactical ring, handlebar mount, mounting on weapons or remote button, then MH25GT able to meet different operational requirements in different situations, including military and law enforcement and search and rescue authorities, for recreation, hunting, fishing, etc.

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