Тактические ручки

Tactical Pens Nitecore

If you have been looking for a pen for a long time, which will make it possible to write in any situations, then before you the catalog is with such models. Tactical pens are multifunctional products that combine several functions at once and are uniquely suited for daily use. The manufacturer makes similar arrangements of titanium alloy and in addition to the fact that the pen can write, it also perfectly copes with its tasks as a weapon for self-defense. You probably have never met such a time, so you should pay attention to the presented models.


First of all, it is worth noting the most durable material from which each model is made. Titanium alloy with a wall thickness of 1.8 mm makes the handle durable and ensures that, regardless of the situation, it can not be damaged. The use of such an accessory under extreme conditions will be most acceptable, since the owner can not worry about the integrity of the product. In addition, the manufacturer has managed to make an attractive appearance for each of its models. Titanium has a stunning style, which definitely emphasizes the status of the owner of the pen. It is worth noting and other notable advantages:

  • A tungsten tip breaks the glass;
  • Inkilo writes in any conditions, even under water;
  • The carved body will provide a comfortable grip;
  • Compact size and light weight.

If we consider separately the presented models as a weapon for self-defense, they are similar to kubotans or Yavars. A practical cold weapon, which in principle is not so that everyone can walk with it. In extreme conditions, a titanium pen can even save your life, it all depends on what situation the owner of this accessory falls into.

Do not forget that before you is an adaptation that first of all gives the opportunity to write with ink. Here they are placed in a special flask and are constantly under pressure. Such a system allows you to write at any angle and it does not matter on what surface. Owners of such models actively use them under water, in conditions with a high temperature and even in weightlessness. Each tactical pen underwent special research and therefore quality work in any situation is guaranteed to you. On the tactical handles the price is quite acceptable, so this device is still available.


The presented products belong to the category EDC, which means daily use. You can even take a device with you for a walk and maybe you'll need it. During a hike or a long journey, the handle is definitely worth keeping in your pocket. Due to its light weight, this accessory is most convenient to transport. Buy tactical pens is also for self-defense. If you have been looking for a legitimate weapon for a long time to protect, then you have the perfect solution. In addition, it is very simple and practical to use them in the right moments.

To find a suitable option for each client will help our online store staff. Many years of experience helped them to understand their products perfectly and, accordingly, offer the best buyers to potential buyers. If you have any questions about the products, you should ask them directly by the consultants. In addition to the fact that they will give answers, their duties also include ordering with the most convenient way for the client to pay for and deliver. We buy easily and practical, and the quality of goods at a very high level.

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