Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1


Mounts are designed to work with batteries TB50 and TB55 (2xTB55 high capacity / 4xTB50 / 2xTB55 + 2xTB50)


allows you to increase the autonomy of the drone in flight to 37 minutes, with an accurate calculation of the charge of 4 batteries


for manufacturing, a durable aerospace aluminum alloy was used, combining good strength and lightness.


unique design of the mount does not violate the center of gravity, even after installing the batteries

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What is most surprising about Nitecore products? - This is high quality and originality. At this time, the company Nitkor Ukraine is a perfect in every sense accessory, which is specifically designed for the quadcopter DJI Inspire 2 - this is Nitecore DPE1. This so-called mount, designed to be fixed on the drone of an additional battery pair, which ultimately significantly increases the autonomous operation. Everyone knows that the DJI Inspire 2 drone is a professional tool for shooting video, as it provides a mount for the camera.



The mount itself allows 4 TB50 and TB55 batteries to be mounted on a quadrocopter at the same time. The development is based on how to maximize the productivity of the drone with increasing autonomy of work in flight. Also, the mount is aimed at an expanded combination of supported batteries, allowing you to combine two types at the same time. Battery combination options:

  • Use two high-capacity batteries TB55
  • Use 4 TB50 batteries
  • Use 2 TB55 batteries and 2 TB50 batteries


After the mount is installed on the quadrocopter DJI Inspire 2, absolutely nothing changes its overall functionality. A specially designed board integrated into the Nitecore DPE1 mount doesn’t disturb the power button on the drone at all and also allows you to control the on and off of 4 batteries at the same time. Also, after fixing the attachment and installing batteries in it, it allows the power management system, namely the flight controller, to automatically and most importantly calculate the flight time automatically. While GPS sensors, a viewing system, various infrared motion sensors, and an obstacle detection function remain intact.

The DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter is designed to function with two batteries, and with as many as four installed, the discharge is performed in pairs, which ultimately allows the flight time to be increased to 37 minutes.



Unique design, lightweight and durable materials, but also excellent stabilization - these are the main qualities of the presented mount from Nitkor. The highest quality and durable materials were used for manufacturing, namely, aerospace aluminum alloy with anodized coating, which together provide the best protection against the formation of corrosion and resistance to stress.

Specially designed shape allowed not only to give originality to the general appearance, but also to perfectly stabilize the center of gravity with 4 batteries. The total weight of the mount is 203g. A good advantage of fasteners is compatibility with the portable case of the quadcopter, allowing you to carry it all the time with you in one place.


Key features and innovations

  • Specially designed for professional quadrocopter DJI Inspire 2
  • Universal mount allows you to significantly increase battery life
  • Compatible with TB50 and TB55 batteries (2xTB55 high capacity / 4xTB50 / 2x TB55 + 2xTB50)
  • Ergonomic and robust housing design
  • Calculated for simultaneous attachment of four batteries.
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy body
  • Unique built-in board, does not disable any major functions and sensors
  • The board allows the power management center to calculate the exact time of operation and charge of each battery.
  • Perfect center of gravity stabilization
  • Weight only 203g
  • Compatible with branded case for transportation
135 х135 х 41.3mm
Body Material:
aerospace aluminum alloy
TB50 and TB55
Compatibility Runtime
2 × TB50 21 minutes
4 × TB50 30 minutes
2 × TB55 31 minutes
2 × TB50 and 2×TB55 37 minutes
  • mount Nitecore DPE1 - 2pcs
  • nylon strap
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1
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Mounts for batteries on quadrocopter Nitecore DPE1

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