Portable Power Station Nitecore NPS400


charging the device exclusively from a stationary power source


simultaneous charging on four slots with the maximum capacity for the device

Quick Charge

fastest charging o


It supports the most modern standards of security, allowing you to charge portable gadgets and certain electrical networks

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The new line of chargers, or rather much more than any other charger, is the NPS400 portable power plant with a capacity of 475W. Nitecore official dealer presents the first premium charging station to the Ukrainian market. The presented device has the highest capacity among the charging companies, and similar companies. With the help of the power station, you can charge not only connected portable gadgets, but also electrical systems. The capacity declared by the manufacturer is 475WH (10.8V, 44AH). Equivalent capacity 132AH, 3.6V.

Since the design has a relatively heavy weight, the design provides for the presence of a solid metal handle, with which it will be convenient to carry or carry from one place to another. On the lower part there are small legs, which allow to put the case not on the floor, but rubber supports. The functional panel includes 4xUSB port for charging digital and portable gadgets, the socket is compatible with European, American and Chinese devices. There is also a display on which to display current information about the charge or discharge.

475WH(10.8V, 44AH)
Equivalent power:
132AH? 3.6V
5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
PD output:
12V output:
Output of 220V AC inverter (sinusoid):
220V AC 50HZ, 1.5A(300W)
  • Portable Power Station Nitecore NPS400
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Portable Power Station Nitecore NPS400

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