Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18

Battery in complete

Case in complete

1800 lumen

maximum light output thanks to the innovative American LED CREE XHP35 HD


additional red light is ideal for use at night - allows you to preserve the natural night vision as much as possible

220 hours

Maximum continuous minimum operating time from IMR battery


Intelligent light indication indicates battery voltage accurate to 0.1V

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Innovative device not having any similar features with analogues, both from the external and from the functional side. The company Nitkor Ukraine pleases lovers of originality, and provides a new tactical device - Nitecore P18. A unique, attractive and most importantly practical design with special grooves on the body, thanks to which the lamp will not only be comfortable to hold in your hands without causing any discomfort, but will not slip in wet hands.

The case of a tactical flashlight has no analogues, not only in terms of functionality, but also in size. A small body made by a special casting technology, as a result of which, a one-piece construction is obtained. Allows to increase strength, but also to ensure the protection of all internal components from a variety of mechanical damage. Also a good advantage of the molded case is its excellent integrity, which does not have any connecting parts.


Light-emitting diode

For an innovative tactical device, a high-quality and most important high-performance light source is used, namely the American LED - CREE XHP35 HD. The used LED model has a good margin of luminescence, which is more than 50,000 hours, which translates to more than 6 years. The maximum brightness produced by the LED is as much as 1800 lumens.

In addition to the main white LED, the lantern is also equipped with an additional red light source with a brightness of 10 lumens. Red light in its physical properties, is the most favorable light for the eyes, allowing you not to irritate the retina with a sharp turn on the maximum brightness, also the red light does not deter wild animals during the hunt and allows you to conveniently read the cards.



The most pleasant surprise for the user is the used battery. Recommended for use is the battery size 18650, but without a protection card - IMR battery. First of all, the used power source is more productive, since it has an outgoing current of at least 3 times, compared to the usual 18650. Also, a note in use is the complete inappropriateness of 18650 batteries with outgoing current <8A.

The maximum battery life from an IMR battery is as much as 220 hours in minimum mode. To determine the charge level of the installed battery, the functions provide for testing with an accuracy of 0.1V. The power indicator is a red additional LED.



Tactical functions are primarily provided by the provided control. Nitecore P18 is a real "tactician" with practical control, allowing you to easily manage all available brightness modes with one hand (including Strobe).

The lantern is equipped with two buttons - front and side. The side button is responsible for the operation of the red auxiliary LED, allowing it to be activated from the off state of the flashlight. And the end is completely "silent" switch, with which you can access both special and conventional brightness modes. Also, thanks to the end button, you can instantly activate the Turbo mode and the Strobe mode.



Nitecore's innovative patented technology, built into the tactical flashlight, is a memory function and automatic temperature control.


Memory function

Compared with similar models of tactical and rifle lamps, Nitecore P18 has a built-in function to preserve the brightness mode. Thanks to this opportunity, the user will be able to resume lighting with the same brightness at which the lamp was turned off, with the exception of two special modes - SOS and Beacon.


Automatic temperature control

The presented model of a tactical lighting device works with a powerful LED and a very productive power source. To ensure stable operation and a long period of operation, the engineers decided to introduce a functional board that guarantees the safety of using the device. When using a large lamp power, for example, Turbo or High mode, for a long time, the lamp body will heat up, this board will automatically reduce the brightness when the body temperature rises, and resume when the optimum temperature is restored.


Key features and innovations

  • Powered by the American LED CREE XHP35 HD, providing a maximum luminous flux of 1,800 lumens
  • An additional red LED is installed.
  • Optical system is used in combination with a crystal coating and high-precision digital optics technology (PDOT)
  • The maximum intensity of the stream is up to 8,360 candela and the beam range is up to 182 meters
  • Disposable casing manufactured using injection molding technology
  • Built-in high efficiency DC board ensures work for 220 hours
  • Silent tactical switch in the end provides control5 levels of brightness and 3 special modes
  • Metal side switch provides additional red LED control
  • The unique luminous mode of the Stroboscope, which generates a random frequency to provide more practical lighting effects.
  • The power display option allows you to estimate the remaining battery level (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
  • Optional red LED indicates battery voltage (± 0.1 V)
  • Integrated Advanced Temperature Control (ATR) module (Patent No. ZL201510534543.6)
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection
  • Optical lenses with double-sided coating, which is resistant to mechanical contact damage
  • Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy
  • Waterproof to IP56
  • Impact resistance when falling from a height of up to 1 meter
  • The ability to install a flashlight on the end
Overall Size:
105.5 х 34 х 29mm
Head diameter:
Light source (LED):
Maximum luminous flux:
1800 lumens (8360cd)
Focusing beam:
Digital current stabilization:
Reflector Material:
aluminum t6
Reflector surface:
Lens Material:
scratch-resistant tempered anti-reflective glass
Case cover:
military grade anodizing HAIII
Body Material:
aerospace aluminum alloy
Protection class:
end, side
Maximum beam distance:
Number of operating modes:
1 x IMR18650 / 18650 (discharge current> 8A) or 2 x CR123A / RCR123
Working hours:
220 hours
Light indication of charge:
Fall Protection:
up to 1 meter


1800 lumen


850 lumen


260 lumen


65 lumen


1 lumen


10 lumen


1800 lumen


1800 lumen


1800 lumen

Mode of operation

Nitecore IMR18650 (3100mAh, 35A)

Turbo 30 minutes
High 2 hours
Medium 4 hours
Low 18 hours
Minimal 220 hours
Red 28 hours
  • Flashlight Nitecore P18
  • Battery IMR18650 (3100mAh, 35A)
  • case
  • lanyard
  • sealing ring
  • user's manual
  • Nitecore branded gift wrap with a unique serial number (duplicated on the lamp case) to protect against counterfeit. The originality of the products can be checked on the manufacturer's website.
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18
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Power tactical flashlight Nitecore P18

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