Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R

USB rechargeable


Integrated micro USB port allows you to charge the battery anywhere


Intelligent light indication shows charging status


optimum capacity for size 16340

500 cycles

Guaranteed number of recharge cycles

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Brand new line of lithium-ion battery with charging option from USB cable. The main advantage of the presented line of batteries is the availability of the integrated USB port by which the user can perform charging of the battery due to the widespread USB cable transfer USB - > micro USB.


Physical properties

Presented battery has a capacity of 650mAh standard for lithium-ion batteries overall dimensions, allowing it to be used as the main battery for lights and other devices running on this type of battery CR123 or RCR123. Thanks to the special protective properties both internal and external,  in which the battery is fully protected from unforeseen situations. In a sufficiently small overall size of the battery has built-in internal protection, which includes technology that protects the battery from short circuit. Also, a huge advantage is the built-in card, which responds to the temperature rise of the battery, thereby by means of the chip reduces the output current in order to reduce the temperature of the battery case. To prevent damage to the internal parts of the presented battery, Nitecore engineers of the company provided in the inner part of the placement of the microporous barrier to protect internal components.

Externally NL1665R also have protective properties. Equipped with gold-plated contacts made of stainless steel, which provides high impact resistance, good electrical conductivity and thus provides excellent shock resistance. The outer layer is made of durable metal wrapper protects the battery from abrasion.

NL1665R provides 500 full cycles of discharge and charge that replaces the 500 pairs of batteries no rechargeable type, making it more environmentally friendly. Also for the standard dimensions, the presented battery is compatible with the majority of lighting fixtures operating on the battery size is Cr123 or RCR123.



Main advantage of the new in his series of lithium-ion batteries is the battery with ability to charge via the integrated Micro-USB port. Represented the port located on the side of the battery side positive polarity. Because there is a charging port, the battery is included and display the charge status, which is feasible with two different colors of LEDs, which are located on the side of positive polarity near the micro-USB port.

Display is as follows:

  • When the red led is illuminated , respectively indicate that the status of the charging process
  • When green indicator lights, indicating the corresponding status achieve a full battery charge

Thanks to the introduction of lithium-ion battery universal application micro-USB port, the level of practical use and most importantly in the method of charging with the USB cable the user can connect the battery to any power source and to charge without any special equipment, such as chargers, occupying a certain volume of space in a backpack or bag.


Precautions in the application

  • To carry out exposure of the battery exposure to water and fire
  • In the implementation of the charging process in battery charger make sure that it is properly installed regarding the polarity positive (+) and negative (-)
  • With prolonged use recommended charging process every three months, in order to prolong its service life


Key features and innovations

  • Ideal for devices with high power consumption
  • Designed to perform more than 500 cycles of charge-discharge
  • Battery pack comes in individual original packaging from the company Nitecore
  • Microporous inner layer protects the fragile internal components from damage
  • Gold Plated pins made from high quality stainless steel
  • Built-in micro USB port
35 х 16.6mm
Output voltage:
Protection card:
Charge-discharge cycles:
More than 500
Built-in protection against overcharging, short circuit, reverse polarity, excessive discharge
Micro-USB port:
  • Battery NL1665R - 1pc.
  • Branded blister packing
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
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Battery RCR123A (650mAh) Nitecore NL1665R
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