Six Channel USB Charger Nitecore UA66Q


operation of the device exclusively from a stationary power source


simultaneous charging on six slots with the maximum capacity for the device

Quick Charge

fastest charging of any portable gadgets


supports the most advanced security protocols

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The top model of the charger, stably functioning and supporting the simultaneous charging of 6 USB channels. Nitkor Ukraine official distributor, are pleased to present to your attention a device that can replace the standard charging unit, and become one of the most popular and frequently used devices, both at home and at work. The USB Charging Station is the Nitecore UA66Q.

Power to the device can only provide a network of 220V. It is also worth noting that the output current on the USB slots is 5V / 2.1A * 6, 9V / 2A * 6, 12V / 1.5A * 6.

With the help of the presented charger, the user can not only quickly and safely charge all his gadgets, which are powered via a USB cable. The device supports charging using the most modern and secure protocols, of which it is worth to highlight:

  • QC2.0
  • QC3.0
  • FCP
  • BC1.2
  • DCP
  • Yd / t1591-2009

The maximum outgoing power is 68W.

Input voltage:
AC 100-240V
Outgoing current:
5V/2.1A*6, 9V/2A*6, 12V/1.5A*6
Maximum outgoing power:
Supported technologies:
  • Six Channel USB Charger Nitecore UA66Q
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Six Channel USB Charger Nitecore UA66Q

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