Nitecore UCN4 PRO Battery Charger for Canon Cameras


compatibility with professional photographic equipment

2 channels

simultaneous independent charging of 2 batteries with a maximum output current of 1000mA

LCD display

displays current charging status information in real time


USB powered and safe charging of your batteries through the charger

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The addition of the line of battery chargers for cameras Canon - becomes the model Nitecore UCN4 PRO. The presented model of the device is designed exclusively for a specific battery size used by Canon. Absolutely the entire series of chargers for digital technology, designed for an active user of your favorite photo or video camera, allowing you to charge several batteries not only at home, but also remotely, using alternative power sources such as solar panels, Power Bank and various car adapters.

Nitecore UCN4 PRO, as a device designed to charge camera batteries, is compatible with the following types of batteries: LP-E4 and LP-E4N. This size in turn is compatible with:

  • Cameras: EOS Digital SLR:
    • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
    • Canon EOS-1D X
    • Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
    • Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
    • Canon EOS-1D Mark III
  • EOS camcorders:
    • Canon EOS-1D C

Nitkor Ukraine official distributor, the first to present the device UCN4 PRO and provides a choice of a wide range of chargers for different brands, such as:

  • Nikon
  • Fujifilm
  • GoPro
  • Leica
  • Sony

Also, do not forget about the features of the device, from which you can immediately identify small dimensions and not noticeable in comparison with the available functions of the weight of the charger. The UCN4 PRO case is made of high-quality polycarbonate, which by its qualities will cope with any temperature conditions and withstands shocks and falls from a small height.


Two slots for charging

One of the primary features of the PRO series in comparison with similar devices is a more functional function that allows you to intelligently set the charging current depending on the connected power source. The presented function conventionally divides the charging current into two modes, namely the fast charging mode with the support of QC 2.0 technology, and the standard mode. Consider each mode separately:

Quick charge mode with QC 2.0 support: activated in only one case, in which the charging adapter or any other power source supports the Quick Charge function. The maximum charging current per slot is 1,000mA, while simultaneously charging two 600mA batteries each.
Standard Charge Mode: Activates in any other case from the previous mode, allowing you to charge the first installed battery with an outgoing current of 500mA, after the first battery has been charged, the UCN4 PRO switches to the next one.


LCD display

To improve the practicality of using the charger, the company decided to introduce a high-quality display, allowing the user to monitor the charging process in real time, even two batteries at a time. The built-in display has good brightness, providing relatively good readability of the displayed information.

The display on the charger Nitecore UCN4 PRO, is not only a functional and practical part of the design, but also a stylish part of the design, which distinguishes it from similar models.

The display shows the following information:

  • Battery condition
  • Charged volume
  • Charging current
  • Battery voltage
  • Slot numbering
  • Graphic value of the battery charge level

Battery Monitoring

Of all the present intellectual functions, it is worth noting just monitoring the state as this function allows you to determine the functionality of the battery used at the system level. This happens as follows, after installing the battery, the charger checks it with a low current and displays the status on the display in the following values:

  • Good - denoting that the battery is completely new and has not lost its physical properties;
  • Normal - indicating that the battery is already in use and has passed the average number of charge / discharge cycles, while losing some of the physical properties;
  • Bad - indicating that the battery has already passed the maximum number of charge / discharge cycles, and its urgent replacement is recommended to avoid unforeseen situations.

Key features and innovations

  • Dual Slot Charger
  • Compatible with Canon LP-E4 / LP-E4N batteries
  • QuickCharge 2.0 feature available
  • USB input port
  • Real-time information about battery voltage, charging current, charged volume and battery status
  • Automatically detects battery status
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit
  • Automatic setting of the optimal charging mode (СC and CV) (constant current or constant voltage)
  • Automatic selection of charging current
  • Automatic shutdown when the battery reaches full charge
  • Compatible with Power Bank, 5V solar panels and USB adapters
  • Made from durable and refractory polycarbonate materials
  • Optimum heat sink system
  • Worldwide Ping An Insurance (Group) Insurance in China
Number of channels:
Charge Indication:
Auto power off:
Input power supply:
DC 5V/2A or 9V/2A
Output power supply (Slot 1):
Output power supply (Slot 2):
Output Current (Fast Charging):
1,000mA*1 (MAX), 600mA*2 (MAX)
Output Current (Standard Charging):
500mA*1 (MAX)
Models Supported EQUIPMENT:
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, Canon EOS-1D Mark III, Canon EOS-1D C
  • charger Nitecore UCN4 PRO
  • USB cable
  • gift, branded cardboard packaging with a unique original serial number
  • instruction in English
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Nitecore UCN4 PRO Battery Charger for Canon Cameras

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