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Lanterns of the baton Nitecore

Lights batons is not just a lighting device, but also a great means of self-defense. Led lights batons from Nitecore will be a great original gift that will appeal to any man. The scope of products is incredibly broad, with their help you can easily highlight hard to reach place, which is especially important for motorists Ukraine. In addition, in any dangerous situation the product can act as a tool for self-defense sturdy housing resistant to impact, furthermore, the products are made using tempered glass, whereby the device can be used as a full-fledged club. In our online store you can buy different models, different modifications and power at a nice price for you.


Lantern stick can help to not only light your way in the dark or to illuminate the area, but can also be used as a means of self-defense. Also lantern stick is found today not only among professional security guards, but also among tourists, lovers of active holidays. After rest is extreme and unnecessary argument after a dazzling ray of light can sometimes be decisive.


The history of the emergence

Lantern stick buy first offered the police who were looking for solutions to ensure order. Such weapons were used only in the performance of special operations and activities, so the extra lighting in urban areas and in open areas, greatly facilitates the task. A little late for this invention turned a private enterprise. 

Making various design changes and new materials, the manufacturer has offered a lantern stick to by different security structures. Then the product was in specialty stores and only changes in the legislation and some of the main characteristics that could be available to almost everyone who may need this combination.


Design in practice

Focus "head" ready to impact on a hard surface, and the internal design prepared for falls from a height and the presence of o-rings - dive under the water. Police flashlight baton to date, a little different from the "civilian" models. The same weight and ergonomics, which allows you to use them confidently. The same strong light and economical led light. 

Corrugated handle rests well in the palm of your hand and mounts, and the push-button switch for operational use are usually located very conveniently. If the lantern stick with led, its power consumption will probably be very economical. Also, the presence of high technology of such a light source allows some models to implement several different modes of operation. 


Materials and technologies

Modern flashlight baton is not only its economical light source and the different modes of operation, but the metal from which it is made. Aerospace alloy based on aluminum, which allows to distribute the weight of the batteries, but also extremely durable, tested in practical experiments and on the shell of the spacecraft.

High quality flashlight baton contains not only a unique scheme, which can give a powerful beam of light, but very robust metal alloy which keeps it safe. Together with such a reliable Arsenal much safer can feel its owner. After all, with the protection of the object can happen anywhere. So, in those moments when nobody shoot to kill the use of it tools can be one of the most effective. Especially in the dark.

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