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Nitecore Trigger Lights

Keychain light (key chain) - first of all characterized by its compact dimensions and convenience in everyday use. The need for miniature daily highlighting many feel that even mobile phone manufacturers are integrating many of their models of miniature flashlights. Much more bright light, intuitive control and long work have lights-naklyuchniki. They are reliable, always on hand and will help You out in any emergency!


Powerful naklyuchny lantern took its place on key chains with the keys in many people. This is because the functions that it offers are great to carry around the extra 10 grams. Flashlight can take different form, but the light which it will give is invariably strong and smooth.


The history of the emergence

Flashlight keychain manufacturers began to offer somewhere in the early 21st century, when existing scientific discoveries have allowed us to make products of smaller sizes. Microscopic circuit Board on which an led for a very short time we were able to prove their right to exist. And several advantages they possess proved to be very useful and relevant. 

For example, developments in the world of microelectronics has led to the creation of such things as flashlight keychain LED. Those familiar with such device, can give him only positive feedback. Therefore, various contemporary materials that are embodied in it, it's not just marketing research, but practical and functional solutions a professional manufacturer. 


Design in practice

Since such lighting is intended for daily use, high-quality models have a good "protection" from external factors. For example, a flashlight keychain led can be manufactured in the form of a small tube, which its size will not be larger than the average key. 50 mm length and nice bright light with these characteristics can be with its owner always.

If you compare flashlights keychains with pocket-sized, it is enough to look at the space ships that are not afraid of scratches, have a flat streamlined shape and waterproof gaskets. On their background the standard arm and the "head" just don't fit in the pocket. At the same time is almost flat, the LEDs can work on one element of nutrition to 2-3 years, and to Shine all the time much brighter than many others.


Materials and technologies

How you can create a powerful flashlight keys? The recipe is simple - take a few tens of millions of dollars and invest them in plant construction. Invite the experts, buy the equipment, learn the technology, interact with scientists worldwide. The only way we develop products which do not crack and fade. Moreover, they can have an attractive transparent casing in different colors.

High-quality keychain lantern buy easily enough, turning to this plant. The materials in this case will perform aerospace aluminum alloy and real glass, not plastic. The material that at first glance seem plastic is actually reinforced polycarbonate. He is not afraid of scratches, incredibly strong and as durable as the led inside it that can give unimaginable for his size and power 360 lumens with 100% angle glare.

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