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Nitecore under-bar lights

If you are looking for a good under-barrel flashlight for hunting then this section of the website Nitecore - Ukraine you will be able to choose exactly what You need. Immediately need to mention that the lights for hunting rifle and lights it is a bit different. Any podstvolny lamp must firstly be able to install on the weapon and secondly to have the ability to connect remote tactical button (frog), for operating on the flashlight. Just a lantern can be used for playing airsoft or paintball. However, a flashlight for hunting can be just any powerful torch without the possibility of fixing on the gun and without the remote button, and it can also have a wide flare in contrast to tactical lights for hunting with long-range narrow beam (one of the main characteristics of the tactic). A flashlight so you can illuminate animals for hunting as well as aquatic animals through the water or ice. Surely the hunt will be applied and those other lights, and a broad and long-range beam. For example, when hunting wild boar sighting range at night is hardly more than 100 meters. And in General when hunting other animals, this figure also hardly be greater. Especially if you do not rifled and smooth-bore guns. Often sighting range will be about 50 - 70 meters. But still light for night hunting – this is a necessary accessory to your weapon, a must have in the Arsenal of any hunter! Separately, you can buy filters which can be used for hunting lights. Each filter has its own features. Pay attention to the accessories in the description of each lamp or check availability managers Nitecore Ukraine. Nitecore lights are the best under-barrel lights in the ratio of price and quality. Every hunting rifle on the lantern website Nitecore Ukraine extends warranty from the official distributor Nitecre in Ukraine. In the delivery of each lantern you will receive the warranty card and invoice. We wish You good hunting and hanging out.

Underbarrel flashlight has a designation not just. Because it some additional features to significantly distinguish it from other models. Lantern rifle is best to buy from a professional manufacturer who will be able to fully open with the product quality. Although different features of this series are very useful in woods and in open areas. 


The history of the emergence

Under-barrel flashlight for hunting began to use relatively recently. Torches and campfires are gone with the advent of electricity, and the appearance of the samples with compact size has found its first application in the military. Having less weight and useful parts, elements of equipment for a long time was the privilege of the special units, and only today became available to ordinary hunters. 

Today flashlight for hunting is a high-tech product, which is not afraid of water, shock, falls from a height onto a hard surface and can withstand the recoil force of the weapon. This means that inside design in all contacts are springs. Therefore, if a universal mount is for some reason broken, the military engineers will remain working even after hitting the stone.


Design in practice

Sturdy and reliable design allows you to make flashlight for rifle grenade a good helper for hunting. While the under-barrel flashlight for shotguns is a little different from the model for rifled barrels. After all, he, too, is mounted under the barrel, not inside it, so the looseness doesn't affect the fact that the projectile flies out the barrel is not revolving, and the force of the springs will be enough for large loads. 

Since the conditions under which hunting takes place often differ from the ideal, body, arms and heads can have multiple assignments. For example, the aggressive crown can be used as a weapon, and the notch on the handle helps you easily hold it in hands greasy. Under-barrel flashlight for hunting can be bought with many different features that also need to manage, so check the tightness of the buttons.


Materials and technologies

Scientific inventions one after the other regularly penetrate into these models. For example, today you can buy a flashlight for hunting, which will be made of aerospace aluminum alloy with coating of titanium. This case is not scratched, in principle, allows to keep intact the content, which usually includes an electronic control available functionality, LEDs, and batteries.

Best flashlight for hunting should have several modes that can begin with green, red colors and end with "beacon". Brightness, beam power close to the search light, narrow or wide angle glare. All of these parameters in practice, night in the woods can have this same great influence on the outcome of the hunt, as the price of batteries in their lifetime in the product. 



Light for night hunting becomes even more effective if the batteries are proprietary. Technology, which created the last IMR batteries allows reducing power consumption to the required torque. While we all know that lantern hunting is not acquired for the lighting of urban neighborhoods. Therefore, reliability and 100% guarantee in such cases is valued above all else.

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