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Nitecore search lanterns

Search light belongs to the category heavy duty lighting devices used by security agencies, customs officers and lifeguards, in addition, a search light used by tourists. Nitecore company produces long-range device, the light output of which can reach 3000-4000 LM. Led flashlight as a light source uses only high quality led brand Cree, whose working life is at least 50,000 hours. Search lamp is able to illuminate the space, a radius of several hundred meters, with wide lateral illumination to ensure sufficient visibility in any environment. In Ukraine, these products are often used in the campaigns, thanks to its high performance and good level of lighting they use in their activities of diggers, cavers, and many others.

Search light is designed to illuminate a large area of open countryside. In this light search and rescue usually has not only high angle glare and enough brightness to illuminate the space. One of the advantages of this series are the range of the light and small size, which allows you to act quickly and efficiently, conducting various search operations in the open air. 


The history of the emergence

Search light buy became possible recently. Different light sources for searching in the darkness was used a long time ago, but the emergence of light beams with power up to 4000 lumen significantly changed the situation. Originally manufactured exclusively for military purposes, these products have phased our their use in civilian areas, bringing with them a unique performance.

Today, the search led lights are very widely used in various rescue purposes. Economical and powerful, they follow a strategy of small and convenient size that you can get the strongest beam of light distance can reach 1.5 km. Such parameters are obtained through a structure which contains several advanced technologies.


Design in practice

Powerful search light does not have to weigh more than 300 grams. There are lightweight structures made of modern materials, which shift the rubberized buttons can change the pattern of the surrounding terrain. The full performance of these products in practice is used only when there is a need to as far as the eye was as bright as day. 

The conditions under which the lantern is rechargeable search helps you to locate your light in the darkness as missing and the dog with the duck in his teeth, limited only by the level of lighting at a particular time of day. Research the surrounding area with such a lighting device is often not just comfortable - it is at least effective and practical.


Materials and technologies

In the manufacture of such goods, as a search light spotlight uses advanced solutions of world experts in the field of led, so its performance is different from other products with its high performance. 

Search rescue lights made in aluminum aerospace alloy certainly stronger and safer plastic, but have a greater weight with a reasonable margin of safety. Because aluminum, which is applying a professional manufacturer, not only durable enough to not be covered in scratches, but also removes heat from the heating elements, for example, high-power led.



The best search flashlight includes one of the most powerful rays of light, a wide range of opportunities for lighting and a convenient, compact size. For the rescue operation, led search lights to buy would have been the right decision if you intend to work on large areas of open space for a long period of time or just need a powerful and compact flashlights.

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