Heavy duty Nitecore lights

Not everyone has enough to have at their disposal classical lanterns. In certain situations, standard models are not the most successful solution due to low power ratings. They find it difficult to cope with the task of covering the territory in pitch darkness, and they do not work as long as we would like. Heavy-duty flashlights are a completely different matter and their glow indicators are quite high. The simplest models produce 1000 lumens, while modern ones are several times larger. Today, this kind of lighting equipment is the most powerful on the market, and manufacturers are trying their best to modernize their developments.


In addition to high power indicators, to buy heavy-duty flashlights is also due to their versatility. Most models perfectly cope with their tasks like hand lamps, and they become excellent lighting for firearms. Almost every modern model is podstvolnoy and to place on the barrel it is enough to purchase a special fastening . Multifunctionality of such devices guarantees to every owner that he can count on a quality light source in any situation. Among other advantages, specialists distinguish:

  • Qualitative LEDs built into the enclosure
  • Vibration reduction system for surface mounting
  • Increased active time;
  • The focused beam works at an impressive length.

The advantage of any of the models is a well-developed system for supplying the lantern with energy. It is a question of that only super-power models eat in an active mode of operation directly from two batteries . There are devices that use energy and with 3-4 power supplies. In this situation, everything depends on the performance and inventiveness of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, despite the high power consumption of batteries is sufficient for a long time.

Experienced experts work on each model, so the quality of the light flux becomes noticeable during use. A beam can focus in one place or on a specific object. Light does not dissipate, which is considered one of the key advantages of such models. Because of this, they are used in a variety of situations, and not as standard lights in everyday life and during short trips. With this performance, everyone can easily come up with the application of one of the models in the catalog.


Naturally, try to apply one of the presented lights is when you have a house banally turn off the light. Nevertheless, the power of the products implies the use in more extreme conditions. It can be a trip for several days, which ensures that you will have to drive in the evening and at night. Also, a super-powerful model will suit hunters, and together with the filter it will become simply an indispensable identifier of the beast on the ground. Do not forget that these lights can also become an element of self-defense, so do not become unnecessary for tactical or security units.

In our store for heavy-duty flashlights, the price is very democratic, so everyone can acquire such a modern solution. To learn more about the features of the design and the principle of operation, it is enough to contact our consultant. A qualified expert will tell each customer about these lights and help you conveniently place your order. We work throughout Ukraine so you can choose the most suitable way of delivery and payment. Orders are accepted both from the site and in the phone mode.

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