Велофары. Фонари для велосипеда

Lanterns for bicycles

When Cycling in the dark can not do without a good light. Nitecore lights with convenient cycle carriers will make a good alternative velofaram. The advantage of this kit is the versatility of use: it lights can be easily removed from the bike and use as a flashlight. Due to this versatility. You do not need to carry multiple bulky light sources, just a compact flashlight that is perfectly cope with the task velofary and will give you all the benefits of a hand-lantern for all occasions. Here You save space and energy to do the necessary things. Bright led Bicycle flashlight is the key to your safety on the road. By the way I use the Nitecore SRT series, you can put on your bike headlight with a police tracker. Different perfumes are designed for slightly different tasks. Bike mount for flashlight, with a 360-degree turn is convenient because you can without having to remove velofaru Shine in different directions right from your bike. Fully enclosed mounting more securely hold your bike or torch, completely excluding it from falling in the process speed or, for example, drive on the mountains (rough terrain). There are also many cases when people buy and set the lantern on a Pedalo. To do this, just fit headlamp made of conventional lamp. All the benefits of face - a Pedalo is not used throughout the year and Your flashlight can be always with You.


The flashlight is designed for installation on the bike and are invaluable assistants for cyclists in the dark. Velofaru could be necessary if you need a strong light and the possibility of a temporary installation at certain times of the day. The main purpose is to define itself on the road in this case may be added many additional features.


The history of the emergence 

The phrase Bicycle flashlight Cree led says that this device is a modern light source. Because led Bicycle flashlight today is one of the most economical and powerful solutions. So little that it may be effective at a distance of several hundred meters, but ease of application may also be on top. 


Bike light one of the best solutions that are on the market. The convenience and security offered by this product, professional manufacturer built on a completely new qualitative level, therefore the selection of universal solutions is often justified. 


Practical application

Multifunction flashlight Bicycle front may have a different design and mounting. Buy bike light easily enough, but you need to determine the tasks that must perform a specific model. The brightness of the light, the power of the batteries, the available functions from this model will be as important as the convenience and speed of mounting on the bike. 


Led bike light can be made uniform, flashlight, Bicycle LED lights possess both economical led and mounts, often included in kits of different models. Many professional athletes are this way precisely because such samples are multifunctional, because they can be easily removed and used in hand. 


Technology and advantages

Modern powerful bike light has the same characteristics as the professional Bicycle flashlight, just bright bike light in the hand and use for other purposes. The absence of an external source of power, additional standard fasteners and wires makes installation and removal of such devices are very convenient, and the lack of restrictions allows to apply it not only on the bike.


Quality Bicycle flashlight is made of aerospace aluminum alloy which is not afraid to shock and rather clings to proprietary mounts. So if headlamp buy from a professional manufacturer, we can not worry about that somewhere on a dark road the light source for any reason, it will be broken. Economical nutrition, bright light will help a cyclist to not only identify himself on the road, but also to highlight anything not moving on the bike. But this is the real versatility and versatility which is normally present only in high-quality, reliable models.

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